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4 min readOct 6, 2022
Superlative Atlasss


Superlative Atlasss is expected to be a connection platform that involves SSS holders in SSS Lore. As you already know about Superlative Secret Society’s collaboration with Stellaluna NFT, we created a Mallacan Planet that incentivizes both holders to have an experience of exploring Mallacan Planet in 360º format.

The Mallacan Planet creation is on its way, and we want to create two different universes that run simultaneously. First, the real world we live in now and the Mallacan Planet where the True Mallacan people live. In this world, we create Superlative Atlasss where holders can pin their location.

Lists of what you can do in Superlative Atlasss:

Pin your location, connect with other SSS holders within the same region, showcase your SSS NFT Genesis, put your Twitter handle, and flex how many SSS you own. The more SSS Genesis in your wallet, the more you will get distinctive attributes in your Superlative Atlasss profile.

This is the way web2 meets web3.

The way we connect the real world and the world we want to live in.


More and more NFT events are held offline and online. However, the Superlative Team found difficulties in gathering holders in one region/country within a short time. Take, for example, a Coinfest Asia event in Bali in August this year. Within a week, we only managed to gather ten holders in Bali when the event was held.

Imagine signing in to the Superlative Atlasss, and within seconds, we can blast the event information to the holders that live in a particular area where the event is held. It also gives the Superlative Team efficiency since we can gather the holders directly in a short time. The data in Superlative Atlasss we created expected to connect each holder easily. You can share events, expand your networking, have a coffee together, make an appointment, pitch your business or brand, and many more.


The presence of Superlative Atlasss is expected to shorten the time allocation in contacting the SSS holders of the chosen area.

In the future, we will prioritize contacting our holders within Superlative Atlasss whenever and wherever SSS will hold an event.

This feature is developed to assist in completing one of our Roadmap 3.0, the Bali Raffle in Q1 of 2023. The Atlasss will help to see where the holders who want to participate in the raffle are and check the availability of the visa, plane ticket, and other travel requirements.

Another purpose of Superlative Atlasss is for the future SSS community gathering, where you can hold parties, paint together, hold an art market, and do various other creative activities. How? The Superlative Team will check the Atlasss periodically to determine where the community gathering will be based on the most crowded areas with the SSS pinpoint.


The Superlative Atlasss will be a sort of inclusive social media for SSS holders. We all know how powerful a strong community is in this NFT space. We expect that the Superlative Atlasss will support our community’s growth that spreads worldwide.

The presence of each individual in the Superlative Atlasss is essential to support and strengthen our community. Furthermore, the power of networking through linking each holder in a specific area is hoped to create a small network within a country.

All you have to contribute as SSS holders is to locate your area in Superlative Atlasss. This little action will help improve the efficiency of an event held by SSS or by our holders, both online and offline. Having more participants in this Superlative Atlasss will fulfill the efficacy of the platform and make Superlative Atlasss function at its best.

Why Does the Superlative Team Create a Superlative Atlasss?

  • To make event gathering easier. Superlative Atlasss are expected to contact our beloved holders faster and easier.
  • To connect and expand SSS holders networking all over the world.
  • To make SSS’s marketing promotion more effective by reaching a wider, larger, and greater audience worldwide.
  • A county representative will be chosen whenever SSS wants to hold an exhibition in a specific region.

What’s For SSS Holders?

  • Create an art-related event/workshop in your country sponsored by SSS.
  • A visit to your neighborhood holders and create a network.
  • Become a Superlative Merch re-seller when we know how much the shipping fee is to your region and how many SSS holders are in your neighborhood.
  • Or a cafe visit together to share about blockchain, crypto, web3, and NFT space.

It is just the beginning, and we hope that Superlative Atlasss will have more functions in the future. Ultimately, this platform will help unite all SSS ecosystems, from Superlative Studio to Superlative Gallery. Even later, we will be able to put the information regarding art events that are happening worldwide, where SSS can participate and invite the nearest Superlative Holders to attend the art event.

User Flow of Superlative Atlass and more technical steps of “how to” use the platform will be posted soon after we finish all the beta testing. Let’s make our connection stronger, deeper, and more valuable through this Superlative Atlasss platform.


Superlative Team