SEKALA a Solo Exhibition by Arief “Witjk” Witjaksana

Superlative Secret Society
2 min readMay 22, 2023
Witness the Evolution of Art: SEKALA Exhibition Unveils Arief’s Transmutations, Embracing the Continual Mutation of Life and Inspiring Positive Reflections.

Immerse yourself in a transformative visual odyssey as the SEKALA exhibition takes center stage, inviting art enthusiasts and curious minds alike to delve into the mesmerizing world of Arief’s artistic journey. With each brushstroke and digital creation, Arief masterfully encapsulates the inherent phases of adaptation and mutation that define not only his artistic growth but also the very essence of life itself.

In a profound exploration of the ever-changing nature of existence, SEKALA weaves a captivating narrative that emphasizes the necessity of mutation to avoid extinction. Through 16 captivating works, skillfully crafted in both digital and canvas paintings, Arief unveils a symphony of colors, textures, and ideas that beckon viewers to ponder the intricate dance between adaptation and survival.

Beyond the traditional confines of static art, Arief’s ingenuity and visionary approach to his craft extend far beyond the physical canvas. Augmented Reality (AR) emerges as a powerful tool in his artistic arsenal, breathing life into his 2D painted canvases. Witness the astonishing spectacle of Arief’s art as it transcends its two-dimensional form, transforming into dynamic, live-moving virtual objects in real-time — a truly awe-inspiring phenomenon aptly dubbed ‘The Living Canvas.’

Within the SEKALA exhibition, six meticulously crafted artworks stand as pillars of the fusion between art and technology. These specially designed pieces embrace the limitless possibilities of AR technology, captivating viewers with their interplay of digital and physical realms. Prepare to have your perceptions challenged and your imagination ignited as you witness the seamless integration of art and innovation.

To ensure the authenticity and integrity of each artwork, Arief has embedded an NFC (Near Field Communication) chip within every painting — a cutting-edge feature that guarantees a secure and tamper-proof means of authentication. Delve into the complete history and legacy of each WITJK piece, as the NFC technology grants viewers unparalleled access to the provenance and origin of the artwork, instilling confidence in its genuine nature.

SEKALA is more than an exhibition — it’s an invitation to explore the boundless realms of artistic evolution and the profound connections that unite us all in the ever-changing tapestry of existence.

24th February — 2nd March 2023
Superlative Gallery, Bali