Bridging Artistry and NFTs: Pandi x Freeth NFT Art Exhibition Unites Local Talent and a Global Mission

Superlative Secret Society
2 min readNov 1, 2023


Bali, Indonesia – October, 15 2023 – Collective, a mission-driven NFT project, is breaking new ground in Bali, Indonesia, by supporting local artists through NFTs. Founder Antonia, known as Toni, and local Balinese artist Pandi are at the heart of this transformative movement. Pandi, also known as Nyoman Sutarja, has risen from the challenges of the pandemic to present his first Art (NFT) Exhibition since 2020. Together, Toni and Pandi have curated a collection of 155 digital collectibles, all created from Pandi’s remarkable artworks.

Pandi, a native artist from Bali, began his artistic journey 27 years ago, and his spirit of resilience remains unshaken despite the setbacks caused by the pandemic. His dream of global recognition for his creations is now coming to life through the Pandi x Freeth NFT Exhibition.

In a remarkable display of creativity and compassion, Toni and Pandi have united to create an NFT collection that not only supports the artist himself but also contributes to a worthy cause. 50% of the profits from the exhibition will be donated to their exclusive charity partner, Merah Putih Hijau, a Balinese nonprofit organization with a mission to empower village communities in Bali by building a sustainable material management system. Their ambitious goal is to reduce the island’s waste that goes to landfills by 90%.

The Superlative Gallery, one of Bali’s leading digital galleries, is enthusiastically participating in and supporting the Freeth initiatives. The Pandi x Freeth NFT exhibition will be hosted at the Superlative Gallery from October 29th to November 3rd, 2023. During this time, guests will have the unique opportunity to witness live painting sessions with Pandi, participate in exciting giveaways, and even join free painting sessions themselves.

This exhibition represents more than just art; it signifies a profound connection between physical artistry and the digital frontier. Diverse stakeholders from various backgrounds are coming together to support each other for the greater good, creating a unique atmosphere of collaboration and creativity.

About Collective: Collective is a mission-driven NFT project based in Bali, Indonesia. Their mission is to support local artists through NFTs and turn their art into digital masterpieces.

About Merah Putih Hijau:

Merah Putih Hijau is a Balinese nonprofit organization with a mission to empower village communities in Bali to achieve a circular economy by building a material management system, with the goal of reducing waste going to landfills by 90%.

About Superlative Gallery:

Superlative Gallery is a prominent digital gallery in Bali, known for its support of digital art and innovation.

Author: Zafira Malik