Blended Color

Superlative Secret Society
2 min readJul 4, 2022


The First Sight

The multiverse begins to collide. Each of the planets appears unknowingly within the firmament of Mallacca.

Superlative Secret Society color and pattern are distinguished yet have their way of blending into anything and anywhere. Art is Freedom. Therefore it needs to reach all corners of NFT Space.

In the various and wild world of NFT, we are thrilled to join and blend into the exquisite NFT lineup.

What is Blended Color?

Blended Color is a bridge we made for our holder to experience the Superlative color palette in their other project. Derivatives that the Superlative Secret Society has made from the outline project collaborator can be claimed freely by the holders of the two related projects.

Blended Colors planned to march in two waves. Each wave will feature various projects, with each unique Blended Color artwork of its own. The Blended Color artworks will be minted in the "Blended Color" OpenSea collection. The supply of each artwork depends on the wallet snapshot result.

Blended Color Origins Eps. The Quarrel of Colors


Holders must fulfill a simple requirement to obtain the Blended Color artwork. You need to hold at least one NFT from each project collaborator in the same wallet before the date of the wallet snapshot is taken. One pair of SuperlativeSS and the collaborator NFT will be eligible for one Blended Color artwork.

Example with Ragnarok Meta NFT:

  • 1 SuperlativeSS & 1 Ronin = 1 Ragnarok x SSS Blended Color
  • 2 SuperlativeSS & 3 Ronin = 2 Ragnarok x SSS Blended Color

The Flow

From July 5th, at 2 AM (UTC) until July 11th, at 2 AM (UTC), we will collect all of the holder's wallets eligible to claim the Blanded Color artworks. So if you are aiming to own the SSS x BBRC-Ivy Boys blended artwork, you need to hold at least one pair of SuperlativeSS and IVYBOY/IVYGIRL NFT before July 11th, 2 AM (UTC).

Stranded Ivory (BBRC-Ivy Boys x SSS)

After the snapshot wallet is closed, you can claim your Blended Color artwork exclusively via our website

Notes that the claim also has a limited duration.

The claim window will be available from Tuesday, July 12th at 2 AM (UTC) until Monday, July 18th at 2 AM (UTC)

More info and details will be revealed promptly, so prepare to blend out!